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MES and accounting systems

Automation LLC offers services for the development of subsystems of the MES level – a system for storing archival data on technological process as well as development of the systems for providing summary / analytic data of technological process.

Another typical solution offered by Automation LLC is presented by various accounting systems.  They include accounting systems of gas, water, electricity, bulk materials consumption. 

In general, within the framework of development and implementation of accounting systems as well as the aforementioned subsystems of MES level we use the same standards and approaches as in development of any other systems.  The main peculiarity of our approach to the development of accounting systems is the use of only standard components and software products with a minimum of our own designed program code.  This approach ensures the possibility of operation and, if necessary, expansion of the system by own forces of customer’s APCS and instrumentation professionals without involving IT specialists.

One of the options for providing this functionality is the use of Rockwell Automation standard software products – FactoryTalk Historian SE and FactoryTalk VantagePoint.  FactoryTalk Historian SE is a specialized database focused on the storage of deep data archives and optimized for the rapid retrieval of data for the reporting period of any discreteness.  FactoryTalk VantagePoint is a web server that is in fact configurable as a SCADA system, which allows developing a visual data representation in the form of reports, graphs, all sorts of dashboards without programming / code development.

A separate subtype of accounting systems offered by our company is the accounting of personnel actions – both technological and operational.  Such systems are based on the use of another standard Rockwell Automation product – FactoryTalk AssetCentre. The system provides an opportunity to track both the actions of the technological personnel (for example, setting the parameters, commands for switching on / off the units or opening / closing the valves, etc.) and changing / intervening by the operating personnel in the control system (for example, setting the value of the variable «manually» with the help of service tools or the installation of a «bypass» program lock).