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Control cabinets assembling

Since 2008, Automation LLC has been offering services for supply of own-produced control cabinets both for its projects and for projects of third-party developers.

In order to ensure the assembly of control cabinets, the company’s structure provides for a separate structural unit – the assembly shop., which is equipped with the necessary machines and mechanisms, which allows us to provide a high level of quality of mechanical assembly, electrical connections, locksmithing. It should be noted that highly skilled specialists work in the assembly shop and the whole process of cabinets assembling is constantly controlled by the design department employees.

The use of only verified materials and components is one of the factors / measures ensuring the quality of products.  Automation LLC is an official partner of Phoenix Contact and we widely use its products in the process of cabinets assembling – marking, cable terminals, tools, etc. Another standard approach of our company is demonstrated in the use of Rittal designs.

The company has a specially developed quality standard that provides for several quality control points of the products.

  1. The process of control cabinets assembling is controlled by the specialists of the design department responsible for the specific project.
  2. After completion of assembling, obligatory testing of cabinets is performed both the specialists of the design department who participated in the design of the product and the specialists of the software development and commissioning department take part in this stage. At this stage, the accuracy of the electrical connections in the cabinets is checked, after which the voltage is applied and the working capacity of the components is checked, service tasks, such as the firmware loading into smart modules and basic setting are performed.
  3. FAT (Factory Acceptance Test – acceptance of the equipment by the customer at the assembly site) is a separate stage of testing. For this procedure, we prepare equipment – control cabinets are combined into a system which is maximum close to what is provided by the design documentation (taking into account the limitations of the assembly shop).  The software is loaded into the equipment; test workstations are deployed. The customer’s representatives have the opportunity to assess the assembly quality, system availability and software functionality on the equipped test site in conditions as close as possible to the real ones.  Elimination of possible deficiencies before shipment of equipment can often reduce the subsequent commissioning at the site.
  4. The quality representative controls the accuracy and consistency of all tests at each stage.