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Development of design documentation

Development of design documentation in one of the core activities of Automation LLC.

The Automation LLC structure include the design department, the task of which is to timely and properly issue design documentation. The department has more than 30 engineers, including 3 chief project engineers and 5 chief design engineers.  Our engineers are competent specialists having significant length of service and experience in implementing complex projects.

Design documentation is developed in accordance with generally accepted standards for the industry:  GOST 34.601-90, GOST 34.201-89, GOST 2.701-84.  Should the customer have specific requirements and standards, the design department takes them into account when developing the documentation.  An internal standard has been approved for the company regarding the types of equipment used, uniform approaches to solving typical tasks, the structure of the project and the drawings layout.

For development of design documentation, EPLAN and Autocad software is used.  The own database / cell library for EPLAN plays a significant role in implementation of the approved standards. 

Software developed by the software development and commissioning department is one of the sections of design documentation. Software development process is fully standardized as well – the own standard is built on the basis of the international standard ISA88 and covers the issues concerning the uniform approach to the software structuring, variables naming, algorithms and patterns applied for typical technological elements.

Estimate documentation is another important section of design documentation.  Estimate documentation is created by the production and technical department in the format of STS, AVK-5 software.

Automation LLC design department is focused on development of design documentation in the following sections:

  • APCS;
  • instrumentation;
  • DC/AC motor control;
  • energy distribution;
  • redundancy power supply;
  • weigh part;
  • software;
  • lighting;
  • grounding.