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Standards development

Automation LLC offers services for the development of corporate APCS standards for the introduction of new systems.

The proposed requirements documents are based on international standards, as well as on our own best practices on their adaptation to specific conditions. The internal standards include a document describing the types of equipment used, uniform approaches to solving typical tasks, the project structure and the drawings layout. Software development process is fully standardized as well – the own standard is built on the basis of the international standard ISA88 and covers the issues concerning the uniform approach to the software structuring, variables naming, algorithms and patterns applied for typical technological elements. Both standards are cross-platform and can be implemented on various hardware and software bases (Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Siemens).

The main advantage of implementing such system of standards is the ability to provide a unified approach to the construction of control systems, which ultimately significantly reduces the time required for commissioning, recovery from failures and minimizes the required set of spare parts.